Delicious Red Bird whole birds

What Real Chicken Tastes Like

Red Bird Farms has been providing fresh and natural chicken to the people of Colorado since the 1940s.  As we’ve grown and expanded to more territories, Red Bird Farms has maintained a commitment to quality and integrity.  Red Bird's Mission is: "To create a happy customer through our passion for quality and our zealous commitment to service."


The right direction for a healthy planet: antibiotic free chicken!

Antibiotic Free Chicken

Red Bird Farms chicken is fed an all vegetarian diet.  In addition, the chicken is never given any antibiotics...ever.  For more information about how our chicken is raised, click here.

Hand cut and fresh and juicy

Hand Cut and Fresh

Red Bird chicken is hand cut. Gourmet chicken isn't run down an assembly line of robots, but rather a talented team of cutters.  This great cut isn't devalued by being sent through a deep chiller; Red Bird chicken is truly fresh and incredibly juicy.