Meet Ruben 

Many employees at Red Bird have been here for a long time, but Ruben takes the cake: he’s been a part of the Red Bird family for 31 years! When he was only 16 years old, Ruben worked hard in the saws department. After gaining experience there, Ruben moved to the deboning table where he became an expert with a knife. 31 years later, Ruben is the production manager. He supervises over 50 employees who respect him for his longevity, knowledge, and mild manner.

As Ruben is an incredibly dedicated employee, he’s also a loyal family man. Ruben is married with three kids and one granddaughter. When he’s not at Red Bird, he may be babysitting his one-year-old granddaughter, playing basketball, or grilling up some chicken for a family barbeque. Afterall, somebody’s gotta eat the chicken; who better than our own Red Bird family!

Red Bird Farms team
Red Bird Farms team

Meet Lloyd

Every butcher’s arsenal is well equipped with the right gadgets for cutting, trimming, filleting and sharpening. Lloyd Lister, at 11 years old, had his own arsenal of butcher’s gear: a milk crate and a knife without a tip. Standing at a mere 4’10”, the milk crate quickly became Lloyd’s ticket to watching every cut his father would make to beef, chicken, and pork. Unfortunately, when Lloyd picked up his own knife, the only select cut he would make was to his left index finger. Lloyd’s father, who wasn’t new to nicks and scars, came up with a quick solution; he clipped the knife tip with some tin shears, and little Little Lloyd Lister was in business.

Lloyd’s experience landed him a career in the meat industry as meat manager at Thriftway, in Seattle, Washington. For several years, he also served the Ketchikan, Alaska folk as head butcher at Sea Mart Grocery Store.

Kids and warmer weather brought Lloyd to Phoenix, Arizona where he started a job with Red Bird Farms. For Red Bird, Lloyd’s experience in the meat industry was priceless. As an added bonus, he’s so darn nice! Lloyd’s role as customer service rep was quickly changed to Meat Merchandiser as his personality secured this much more fitting role. Lloyd can be seen cruising about the greater Phoenix area in his Honda Element. You will know it’s him as the Red Bird logo is proudly stamped on the door; be sure to wave hello!